BNI University

We are excited to have the AMAZING BNI Business Builder (previously called BNI University) for you as yet another privilege of your BNI membership. There are hundreds of BNI courses and business courses that you now have access to on any device at anytime.

To get access to the AMAZING BNI Business Builder, follow the steps below:
1. Go to your desktop web browser (NOT Chrome):
2. The user name which you should use is the same user name as the one you use for BNI Connect
3. The first time that you login your password is 123456
4. You will have to set a new password once you have entered the login details for the first time login. We suggest that you use the same password that you have used for BNI Connect.
5. Then go to your smart phone's app store & download the BNI University app. Use the same logon details as set-up in steps 1-5. You have to set-up for your first time on desktop, not mobile.
6. On the desktop, go to top heading TRAINING / MY TRAINING. You'll find the course "How to use the BNI University" assigned to you. Please work through it.

Click here to view a document on BNI University Quick Start Guide
Click here to view a document on Tracking CEUs from BNI University

Please contact your CHAPTER MENTOR COORDINATOR for further assistance.


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