Chapters Forming

New chapters are continuously forming at BNI.  We call these new chapters core groups. 

Start A BNI Chapter

The BNI Tshwane Team has a long reputation of helping committed business professionals launch strong and thriving BNI chapters that not only impact the participating members, but also the communities around them.

Are You an Influencer?

Every new BNI chapter starts with one to three individuals who are proven influencers in their community. They are connected, they are liked and respected, and they are passionate about their success and the success of others.

Participate in a Proven Process!

Our Chapter Development Team is dedicated to guiding each new group through a proven three-phase process that is simple and efficient. If you want to participate in, or learn more about our new chapter development process, please email us your info. We would love to connect with you and help you build your team.

Please click on interest in new chapter email and complete your info on the email template.
When we receive your interest email, a member of our Support Team will contact you to schedule time to discuss the next steps to starting a BNI chapter in your community.

The Latest From BNI

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