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Money on the Table by Dr Ivan Misner & Lee Abrahams
Money on the Table is an easy-to-remember phrase for networking opportunities you've been overlooking and a step-by-step system to start converting those opportunities into business.

By networking around the Money on the Table that you have in common with other potential networking partners, you can create a "Power Team" of referral sources that are limited only by the size of your imagination.

Learn how to create a Power Team and Money-Making Referrals from six common, everyday situations.
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29% Solution by Dr Ivan Misner
It's not "net-SIT" or "net-EAT" - it's "net-WORK".
By reading this book, you will experience the true essence and meaning of networking.  The 29% Solution gives you the answers to two conflicting questions that a business owner or salesperson faces every day:  How can I tend to my existing clients while at the same time network for new business? and, Should I place higher value on my current clients or on new clients?

This book shows sales professionals and business owners how to get more an better customers, faster and easier, than in any other way.  The practical, proven strategies for sales and business growth you learn, can save you months and years of hard word.

Networking like a Pro by Dr Ivan Misner, David Alexander & Brian Hilliard
Reveal networking techniques to help you grow you business.  Learn how to reach quality prospects, leverage your contacts, motivate ongoing referrals, track your success, and so much more!

Business Networking and Sex (Not what you think) by Dr Ivan Misner, Hazel Walker & Frank De Raffele
It's no surprise that communicating with the opposite sex can be tricky.  Hidden in the glitches are often misleading assumptions about each gender that beg for help.  Finally help is here. 

Learn the secrets to accurately read between the gender lines, and uncover a new edge for your business - the power to effectively talk business and successfully network with the opposite sex.

Impeccably researched, backed by hard-hitting statistics, filled with laugh-out-loud humor, and packed with cutting-edge information on how to take your networking results to the next level.
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Masters of Networking by Dr Ivan Misner & Don Morgan
New York Times bestseller

Masters of of networking know that givers gain - that creating, maintaining, and serving a wide network leads to great business and personal rewards.  Generating leads and referrals, building healthy relationships, and delivering value over the long-term are at the heart of networking.  packed with valuable insights and personal examples from many of today's top networkers, this exciting book shows:

1) Why networking is the most effective marketing tool today 
2)  The characteristics of the most successful networkers
3)  How the world's best networkers' leverage and maintain their networks
4) How you can build a successful networking lifestyle through effective communications, long-term partnerships, and word-of-mouth marketing.

Room Full of Referrals by Dr Tony Alessandra, Dr Ivan Misner & Dawn Lyons
"and how to network for them!"

Can you imagine the day you walk into a room full of people and know exactly how to gain referrals for your business? You understand what conversation to start and with whom, how to develop beneficial relationships, the specific ways to motivate individuals, and even how to speak their language. And you can do all of this in 90 seconds or less!

This book will create a new mindset in the business networking world. You are not walking into a room full of people when you go to networking events; you are walking into a Room Full of Referrals(R).

The real question is - do you know HOW to network for those referrals? "There is one major obstacle to overcome at networking functions - you!" "Your Behavioral Style IS affecting your referrability!" "Are you treating others the way that they want to be treated?"

What does God know about Business?
by Nico van der Merwe
What does God know about business? is the autobiographical account of a successful South African businessman's conversion, and of his steadfast determination to involve God in all aspects of his business and his personal life.This moving testimony explores the ways in which each of us can bring God into our everyday lives, and touches on such deeply personal and spiritual issues as integrity, adversity, the fear of failure, lust, materialism, pride, debt-free living and burnout. It provides practical guidelines on how to counteract some of these "red lights on the dashboard of life", and is supported by the author's own inspiring experiences of God's influence in his life.

Whether you are tired of spiritual mediocrity or are just looking for down-to-earth answers to some of life's many challenges, What does God know about business? will motivate and energize you. This story of one man's journey with God will encourage you to develop the kind of faith that puts God at the center of your life, both at home and in the workplace.
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